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Blue Horseshoe Advisors is dedicated to being the provider of value added services that investors, lenders, owners and sellers think of for efficient, expert, and unbiased advice.

From design to execution to preservation Blue Horseshoe Advisors provides guidance through the complicated code approval processes, performs design development, identifies the unknowns and provides owners representation services and long term maintenance plans for the upgrading, conversion or repurposing of existing commercial, industrial and residential buildings.  For our professional engineering services go to


Code Consulting

From design to execution to preservation Blue Horseshoe Advisors provides guidance through the complicated filing and approval processes.  At the end of the project BHA provides close out services and obtainment of the new Certificate of Occupancy.

Property Condition Assessments

Whether you are a mortgagee, investor, or owner, Blue Horseshoe Advisors provides Property Condition Assessment (PCA) services in accordance with your risk tolerance, budget, and time constraints. No one knows PCAs better than Blue Horseshoe Advisors; principals of Bluehorseshoe Advisors utilize ANSI and ASCE approved procedures for Property Condition Assessments.  Additionally, Blue Horseshoe Advisors’s staff is familiar with a myriad of waterproofing products and techniques.

Forensic Engineering

Blue Horseshoe Advisors team of forensic specialists focus on identifying design or construction defects and related problems, and offers practical solutions along with costs to remedy.  Our reverse engineering services are used routinely to determine the existing capacity of a structure when repurposing or change of use is being considered.

Design Development

Blue Horseshoe Advisors will prepare renderings for property face lifts giving investors the before and after look and feel.  Once the concept is refined, BHA’s team produces full construction documents that includes a detailed bid form that includes all costing information for the project.  These documents along with the specification book become the Construction Documents.  BHA then writes the contract between the owners and the contractor for distribution.

Construction Claims

We provide expertise and objectivity during litigation or negotiations. Construction disputes are carefully investigated by Bluehorseshoe Advisors in order to determine liability and damages. Our construction claims and litigation support include: Evaluation of Change Orders and Delay Claims, Assistance in Direct and/or Cross Examination, Evaluation of Drawings and Specifications, Expert Testimony for Errors and/or Omissions, Preparation of Visual Exhibits for Court or Panel Display, Technical Assistance in the Preparation of Interrogatories, Bills of Particulars and Oral Depositions.

Construction Management

From Owners representation to on site Project Management, Blue Horseshoe Advisors has the experience and the infrastructure to provide up to the minute information and added value at every turn.  We monitor the schedule, handle the submittals, provide logistical support to the contractor and issue management reports to keep all parties up to date.  BHA is especially adept at performing this service while the building being re-purposed is occupied and is sensitive to the timely flow of information and managing expectations.

Mortgage and M&A Due Diligence

A visual survey is conducted in accordance with ASTM standards of building systems such as site, structural, roofing, facades, MEP and conveying systems. Significant physical deficiencies are documented and opinions of probable costs are prepared for repairs or replacements. Modified replacement reserves are prepared for salient systems and components requiring recurring replacement.

Equity Investors and Potential Owners

The risk tolerance for physical deficiencies of a lender differs from that of an equity investor/potential owner. To reflect this difference, our Property Condition Assessment (PCA) services for the equity investor are enhanced beyond the ASTM baseline standard. Typically, due diligence services offered on behalf of an equity investor consists of a team approach comprised of specialty consultants.

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